2022-23 Honored Warriors!

All events are from 7:30am - 8:30am

  • 10/4/22 – Honored Warrior: 3 C’s
  • 12/9/22 – Honored Warrior: Character Values
  • 2/10/23 – Honored Warrior: A True Warrior
  • 4/28/23 – Honored Warrior: Senior Perseverance Awards

Congratulations to our Honored Warriors, who were recognized on February 10 at a PTSA-sponsored breakfast and award ceremony. These exceptional students embody what it means to be “A True Warrior.” Whether lifting those around them through their kindness, inspiring classmates through their diligence, creativity, and curiosity, or overcoming obstacles with grace and determination, they are a shining light to our school and community!

Special thanks to the teachers who took the time to recognize these outstanding students, and to the staff who made the event possible.

Students recognized:

Omar Acosta
Vincent Alcaraz
Christopher Almeraz
Noor Andary
Madeline Aniel
Noah Cho
Preston De Alba
Jana Elnashar
Olivia Fillmore
Caedmon Harris
Farah Jabasini
Adriana Johnson
Marleen Juarez
Shion Kato
Polina Larina
Uliana Larina
Devon Le
Danbi Lee
Jerome Ligate
Colton Lloyd
Octavius Lloyd
Ava Martinez
AJ Olson
Sylvan Romero
Bryce Rounds
Camille Roussel
Sultonkhon Saidkhujaev
Taketo Sato
Yaelle Schouteeten
Katie Siemensma
Cheryl Smith
Anthony Sun
Abby Trestik
Maya Urrutia
Mark Thaddeus Villavert
Dylan Wei