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The Woodbridge Parent Teacher Student Association Welcomes You to the 2022-2023 School Year!

It has been a difficult year as we returned to in-person instructions but we persevered. We provided all of our traditional programs and services. We continued to provide support through monthly in-person & zoom meetings which gave our members an opportunity to learn about upcoming changes and ask questions with Mr. Krebs about the status of our school.

We provided senior scholarship, hosted Career Cafes with talented & successful guest speakers, a very
special Teacher Appreciation Week, welcomed 8th grade families, coordinated volunteers for Senior Breakfast & BBQ, and decorated the Yale Loop with ribbons in support of graduating Class of 2021-2022.

In the coming year, wherever your students are learning, the PTSA will continue to support them and your families through special events, teacher and learning support, and community building programs like:

  • PTSA Meetings to Keep You Informed and Connected
  • Career & College Workshops
  • PTSA Website, Social Media and Newsletter
  • Honored Warrior Awards
  • Reflections Arts Program

  • Academic Team Competitions
  • Student Scholarships
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Parent Education Programs
  • Classroom Mini Grants

How You Can Help

Your support is more important than ever for the PTSA to continue to provide these and many other programs for WHS!

Join the PTSA. Any level of involvement is greatly appreciated and helps show your support. You can join at WoodbridgePTSA.org. Print and mail us your form & check, or turn them in during Re-Registration.

Support the PTSA. Please support our primary fundraising program, our fall Donation Drive, by making a donation at WoodbridgePTSA.org. Be sure to ask your employer if an employee matching program for non-profit organizations is offered. Your contribution is tax deductible in accordance with Federal and State tax laws. Woodbridge PTSA is a 501(3) tax exempt organization. Our tax ID is 33-0486180.

Volunteer for a PTSA Sponsored Event, Program or Fundraiser. Complete the PTSA Volunteer Sign Up Google Form or print out and return the form found on our website. We have an opportunity perfect for whatever time you can give.

Shop Smarter. Help WHS receive funds from Ralphs when you link your Rewards card to YN500 Woodbridge High School PTSA at Ralphs.com.This needs to be done every fall to be valid, so please re-register even if you have joined the Ralph’s program before. While you’re at it, please also click HERE to register for Amazon Smile and select 4408 Woodbridge High PTSA as the charity you are supporting. Our school will get rewarded every time you shop.

Stay Informed. Visit WoodbridgePTSA.org, follow our Facebook and Instagram posts, read the PTSA newsletters that are emailed regularly to our members, and please join us for our monthly PTSA meetings which are held at 9 AM on the 3rd Thursday of every month beginning September 16th . They are a great way to meet the WHS Parent Community and hear the latest school happenings directly from our principal, Chris Krebs.

On behalf of the entire Woodbridge Parent Teacher Student Association, thank you in advance for your support of WHS and the PTSA. We look forward to working with you this year to continue to help make our school outstanding and help our kids get the most out of high school no matter where they are learning.

Erin Anecki

Erin Anecki Woodbridge High School PTSA President


California PTA has created COVID-19 pages on their website with information and resources that are relevant to you. For example, you can find out how to talk to your children about the outbreak; learn strategies for staying healthy and busy while confined to your house; browse distance-learning resources; and get summaries of the latest COVID-19-related legislation. Visit the main COVID-19 page for:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions shared by families and communities navigating the pandemic
  • Guidance on handling school closures and where to find school meal services
  • Updates on the state office work-from-home plan
  • How COVID-19 has impacted the U.S. Census

Visit the Resources for Parents and Families page for:

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  • How to maintain healthy habits such as eating well and getting enough exercise

Visit the Enacted Legislation page for:

  • Summaries of the three COVID-19 relief packages that have been passed by the U.S. Congress so far
  • State legislation that affects children, families and schools impacted by coronavirus

Woodbridge PTSA is a 501(3) tax exempt organization. Your contribution is tax deductible in accordance with Federal and State tax laws. Our tax ID is 33-0486180. Be sure to ask your employer if an employee matching program for non-profit organizations is offered. 
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