Teacher Appreciation Week

Throughout the year, the PTSA works with WHS families to recognize and appreciate our outstanding teachers and staff. 9th and 11th Grade parents team up in the fall to throw a special luncheon, and then in the spring the 10th and 12th grade families do the same. In addition, the PTSA assists our many cultural parent groups in scheduling delicious meals and treats for the staff throughout the year. The big finale comes in May during Teacher Appreciation Week when several events are held throughout the week. 
In 2020, we were not able to hold our traditional Teacher Appreciation Week events, but our staff was far from forgotten. Parents and students sent in clips of their kids saying, “Thank You”, and these were merged into the heartwarming video thank you below.
In addition, daily Instagram and Facebook messages and large scale signs reminded WHS staff near and far that they are loved.
It is our greatest hope that many of our teacher appreciation events in the coming year will be in person. Regardless of where our students and staff are located, the PTSA will continue to coordinate appreciation events for WHS families to show their gratitude to our dedicated personnel.




PTSA sponsor a Teacher Appreciation Lunch, held every May during Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, PTSA covered the Taco Lady and all of the desserts, drinks and gift cards were donated by families like you.
We had 80 gift cards to raffle off to all of our teachers and staff at Woodbridge.  They were all so excited!  We literally ran out of time as we were pulling tickets out of the basket, so we had to surprise some of the teachers by delivering their prizes to their classrooms later in the day.  We had five $50 grand prize gift cards to hand out, as well as 75 other gift cards, ranging in amounts from $10 – $35.