Wayne Centra: A Surfer’s Journey to National Hometown Hero

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Wayne CentraPTSA Career Café would like to invite you back to our last event of the year on Nov. 17 at the Staff Lounge to enjoy the fascinating journey of Mr. Wayne Centra, the founder & director of Karate for All.

Growing up with his blind grandma in NY, Sensei Wayne experienced unusual hardship than his peers, and didn't know what to do at high school. He struggled miserably at his community college for eight years until one day he accidentally found his calling for Occupational Therapy (OT) in a book at a local library. This discovery motivated Wayne to retake his science classes and apply directly to the master’s degree.

For the past 30+ years Wayne has been instructing students in martial arts at college schools and rehabilitation centers. Newsweek magazine recognized his compassion and excellent work nationally as one of the eight hometown heroes and honored him with the Giving Back Award alongside Brad Pitt.

Wayne is such a charismatic person that it is hard not to be contagious of his positive energy once you meet him. It is our incredible honor to have him as our last guest of 2022. Welcome to join us and get inspired to find your sparks.

Thanks to generous donations from our community partners, we will serve some of your favorite treats.