Scott Youmans: Turning What You Love into a Prosperous Career-The Journey of a College Coach to VP of Sales

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WHS Students! Please join us for Career Cafe during tutorial on Thurs., Jan. 19th in the Staff Lounge. WHS parent Scott Youmans will talk about his career pathway that led him to his current success as a VP of Sales. There will be snacks given out while supplies last. Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired for your future!

Thank you for sharing your career story with our WHS students yesterday! Your message that there is a difference between happiness and fulfillment, and that you are better off seeking the latter to find true career satisfaction is both wonderful and wise. You have inspired our WHS students to listen to "what makes your heart beat faster" and to not be afraid to follow that career pathway, even if it takes some twists and turns. Our WHS community is grateful for you!