Peter Biber on a Career in IT (Info Tech) Industry

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Interested in IT?

Come and learn the skills and qualities you need to succeed in the industry from an Australian college dropout who found his passion in IT at age 17 and made his way to top executive roles in companies such as Oracle, Sage, Nextiva,  etc., without an engineering degree. Welcome to get inspired!

September 22nd at 1:45 ~2:15 pm/Tutorial.
Location: Staff Lounge

Thank you, Peter Biber, a WHS parent, for speaking to our WHS students for Career Café! More than 70 students attended, and broke our last year’s record. Many students had to be turned away due to capacity concerns.

You helped our students understand the IT industry business structures, various types of IT career pathways, the earning potentials, the skills and experiences required to achieve each level of the positions, and the crucial roles that marketing, sales, and customer success departments play to sustain business profit.

Your presentation expands our students' understanding of the IT industry and helps them think and explore their career prospects in the field.

With over 20 years of executive experience as a global support manager, you have much knowledge and wisdom that benefited our students. You encouraged them to study how the business work and understand customer's motivation. You shared tips on how to prepare for job interviews. You stayed long and answered all their questions thoroughly.

Thank you again for taking time away from your busy work to inform and inspire our student community.

Our special thanks also go to our community partners Krispy Kreme #krispykreme #donuts, Target #target, In & Out #innoutburger #burger, Costco #costco. Thank you so much for your generous donations. Our youth empowering program wouldn't be possible without your support!

Congratulations to our PTSA Career Cafe Chairs, Susan Wang & Brenda Wei, for organizing and coordinating an unprecedented successful event!! More than 70 students attended, which exceeded our Staff Lounge’s capacity limit, and broke our last year’s record. Students were turned away due to capacity limits. Mark your calendar for our next PTSA Career Cafe will be on Thursday, October 20th with Jim MacCaly on Building Trades, Construction & Engineering.