Maria Stearns, an IUSD parent- employment attorney at the law firm, Rutan and Tucker

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Thank you to Maria Stearns, an IUSD parent, for speaking to our WHS students for Career Cafe today! You shared your inspiring story of how you came to be an attorney at the prestigious law firm of Rutan and Tucker and how your love of people drew you to specialize in employment law. When asked what a key characteristic to becoming a successful attorney is, you answered, “intellectual curiosity.” You made an excellent point that though there may be fewer female attorneys than male, women often excel in communication and empathy skills, making them especially valuable lawyers. As a mother of 3 teenage IUSD boys, community volunteer, triathlete, and partner in your law firm, you showed that with good time management, you can successfully balance work and personal life as an attorney. Thank you for taking time out from your busy work schedule to inspire our students today at WHS! And Special Thanks to Katie McEwen for chairing Career Cafe. You transformed the program into one of the successful student programs at Woodbridge. This was Katie’s last Career Cafe event with PTSA. We will miss you!