Dr. Jim Maclay – A Career Detour to the Energy Industry

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Are you interested in solving the energy crisis in the world?

Welcome to learn the skills and qualities you need to succeed in the industry from Dr. Jim Maclay and his entrepreneurship detour experience.

Starting as a chemist, Dr. Maclay worked in QC analytical chemistry and biotech research for several years despite his childhood passion for energy. This led him to return to grad school and get an MS/Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. He has since worked as an engineer doing energy projects of various sorts, including designing energy-efficient buildings or optimizing existing buildings' efficiency for clients such as UC and JPL.

Dr. Maclay's experiences will inspire you to follow your heart.

Pizza will be served at the end of the talk, and free Blaze Pizza certificates will be given while the supply lasts.

Octorber 27th, 1:45 ~2:15 pm/Thursday Tutorial.
Location: Staff Lounge

Jim's Poster