Dr. Minh Nguyen on Healthcare

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Thank you so much to Dr. Minh Nguyen for speaking to our WHS students for Career Cafe today! You helped our students understand that there are several pathways to choose from in medicine and you shared your experience of being a D.O. (as opposed to an M.D.) doctor. So many of us didn’t ever realize there were those two types of medical doctors and you explained well the differences between them, and even prepared a handout for the students so that they wouldn’t need to take notes. You also shared how working as a military doctor in the Navy allowed you to earn several degrees, all paid for by the government. Pivoting to entrepreneurship, you own your own medical group now and share what that experience is like with our students. You have inspired and informed our students about the various pathways the field of medicine offers. Thank you again for taking time away from your work to give to our student community. As you said today, I’m sure several physicians-to-be were sitting in the audience today!